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Teddy Blake Unboxing + Review | Luxury Handbag Unboxing

Hey everyone! Today, I am doing something a little different. I am doing a Teddy Blake unboxing and review! This is my first handbag from Teddy Blake New York, and I am so excited! In this luxury handbag unboxing, I will walk you through the in's and outs of the Teddy Blake Kate Croco 15" in Red leather and chat all things Teddy Blake. I purposely chose this bag to hold my MacBook Pro 14" and it fit perfectly!

In case you are new to Teddy Blake bags, they are a luxury handbag company out of NYC that wants to make luxury, quality handbags more affordable by cutting out a lot of the expensive overhead costs that contribute to the high prices in luxury bags. Big thank you to Teddy Blake for gifting me this beautiful bag! Make sure to use TBShannonF30 for $30 off your purchase...please note this code will not work when Teddy Blake is having one of their sales.

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