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Tour Of The Adventure Ocean on Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas

Here is a quick tour of Adventure Ocean on Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas.

The Ages 6-12 sessions on seas days were:

9am - 12pm

2pm - 5pm

7pm - 10pm

10pm - 1am ($10/hr charge)

We did not use Adventure Ocean while in port, but I believe they were open all day.

My son loves Adventure Ocean and the one on Icon of the Seas is no different. However, it is not for every child. We personally had no issues at Adventure Ocean (barring the Roll Call waits) and my son really enjoyed his time there.

Important to note, about 60-75 minutes after each session starts that do a Roll Call and they shut down for all sign-ins and sign-outs. Try to avoid these times if you do not want to wait. Ex. don't go around 8:15pm.


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