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TRYING NEW SEPHORA COLLECTION MAKEUP \ Contour, Bronzer & Lipsticks! \ Sephora Sale Haul

Today I am trying the Sephora Collection Makeup products that I picked up during the most recent Sephora sale. I guess you could say, this is my Sephora Haul video. I give you my first impressions of these products and also read some of the most negative reviews and address those possible issues.


Introduction 0:00

My Sephora Haul 1:22

Sephora Collection Sephora Colorful® Blush Contour 3:19

Sephora Collection Sephora Colorful® Contour Matte Powder 5:31

Sephora Collection Cream Contour Stick 7:20

Sephora Collection Matte Bronzer Powder 11:37

Sephora Collection About That Shine Sheer Shine Lipstick 16:01

Sephora Collection About That Shine Lacquer Shine Lipstick 18:45

Final Thoughts 21:43


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