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Start Your Weight Loss or Health Journey With Isagenix Today!


If you are just looking for a quick Isagenix sign up link you can proceed to open your Isagenix account by following the link below:


Expired 6/25/2023


​Why sign up as an Isagenix Preferred Customer?

An Isagenix Preferred Customer account gives you access to all Isagenix products at discounted wholesale prices at 25% below retail prices. This is the maximum discount level Isagenix offers. The same pricing is available for Isagenix distributors (also called Isagenix associates).

If you are buying a complete system, such as 30 Day System (recommended as the first purchase), having a Preferred Customer account will result in significant savings.

Isagenix used to offer Preferred Customer accounts for a small annual fee, but this has changed in 2020. Preferred Customer accounts are now completely free!

If in the future you chose to participate in the Isagenix referral program and get paid for referring new customers to Isagenix your Preferred Customer account can be easily converted to an Associate account.

Isagenix Sign Up FAQs

How can I get the absolute lowest prices on Isagenix products?

Both Isagenix Preferred Customer account and Isagenix Associate account will give you access to the lowest possible prices on all Isagenix products – 25% off retail. You can get additional 5% off all systems and packs if you sign for a monthly product delivery (autoship).

Isagenix Associate vs Preferred Customer – what is the difference?

Isagenix Preferred Customer account and Isagenix Associate account will give you access to the the same level of discounts on all Isagenix products. Both account also have the same annual fee.

The difference is that Isagenix Associates can participate in the Isagenix compensation plan, i.e. they can get paid when they refer new customers to Isagenix. Associates also can sell Isagenix products at retail price. Isagenix Preferred Customers are also rewarded for referring new customers to Isagenix but these rewards come in form of coupons towards purchasing Isagenix products.

In most countries (including US, Canada, and Australia) Isagenix follows its “Customer First” policy. Those who want to become an Isagenix associate are required to open an Isagenix Preferred Customer account and try Isagenix products first. A Preferred Customer account can then be converted to an Associate account at a small fee ($29 or $39). This can be done immediately after ordering your products.

Isagenix Customer vs Preferred Customer – which one is better?

Isagenix Customer account is free but it only gives you 10% saving in comparison with retails prices. The Preferred Customer account has a small annual fee but it provides significant discounts on Isagenix products (25% off retail).

For most people opening a Preferred Customer account is the most cost effective way to buy Isagenix products. The only situation where opening a Customer account would make more sense is if your order size is very small.

What are costs to join Isagenix with different accounts?

Isagenix offers the following three account types:

Isagenix Customer Account: free

Isagenix Preferred Customer Account: free

Isagenix Associate Account: annual fee in different countries is as follows:
  – United States: 29 USD (with autoship) / 39 USD (without autoship)
  – Canada: 29 CAD (with autoship)/ 39 CAD (without autoship)
  – Australia: 24.99 AUD (with autoship) / 50 AUD (without autoship)
  – United Kingdom: 22.80 GBP (with autoship) / 34.80 GBP (without autoship)
  – Other countries: start the sign up process to see the fees.

Why there is no sign up option on the Isagenix main website?

You might have already tried to sign up on the Isagenix main website and did not see any options other than buying product at full retail prices.

This is because Isagenix is a direct selling company. Isagenix products are sold through a network of independent associates (distributors). The same is true for opening Isagenix accounts. You can only open a Preferred Customer or Customer account through one of the official Isagenix independent associate websites.

25%  Off for NEW Customers
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