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We planned our Magic Kingdom day to be Wednesday, as it is the same day that Extended Evening Hours for Deluxe Resort Guests are offered. Once again, we purchased Genie+ and I began stacking Lightning Lanes at 7am. Due to several rides going down throughout the day, we had 3 anytime LLs before we entered the park. This also meant we were able to ride Space Mountain twice with a LL.

We did get a Boarding Group for Tron at the 7am drop. We had planned to go, if it were called in the morning. However, it wasn't called until 1:30pm, so we missed it. They are extremely strict on the boarding group times (we knew this), so be aware. We did purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for it and we were able to get another boarding group at the 6pm drop.

We didn't arrive to Magic Kingdom until 5:30pm. We were able to Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater, ride Tron and Space Mountain, all before our 7pm dining reservation at Tony's Town Square (separate video coming).

Upon leaving the restaurant, a bad thunderstorm was coming in (forecast was clear when we left resort). We managed to not get drenched and had an amazing night at Magic Kingdom. We rode Tron again at night and it is so much better at night.

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