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A common question I often hear is whether or to book a guarantee (GTY) stateroom? And there really is no right or wrong answer. A lot depends on your wants and needs in a cruise stateroom and what your priorities are. For many people, they would NEVER book a guarantee. For others, location of their stateroom does not matter and always book a guarantee if available. And for families like our own, it really depends on various factors. Is the cost savings minimal or significant? Is it a small or large ship? Etc.

So today I share with you some pros and cons of booking a guarantee stateroom on Royal Caribbean. Some of these tips could apply to other cruiselines, but I made this video thinking specifically of Royal Caribbean.

Travel Agencies I recommend:

Archer Luxury Travel:

What is a Guarantee (GTY) Stateroom?

At times, Royal Caribbean may offer the option of making a ‘Guarantee’ (GTY) booking. This means you may book a stateroom of a guaranteed category type (Interior, Oceanview, Balcony or Suite) on your chosen ship and cruise.

However, the exact stateroom, number, and location of the stateroom on the ship will be allocated by Royal Caribbean (at their discretion) and at any time up until checking in at the port.

On Oasis & Icon Class ships, you may be assigned a Neighborhood View Balcony stateroom (Central Park, Boardwalk or Surfside)

Such promotional GTY categories are defined as follows:

  • WS       Suite/Deluxe

  • XB        Balcony Stateroom

  • XN        Neighborhood View Balcony Stateroom (Oasis & Icon Class Only)

  • YO        Ocean View Stateroom

  • ZI          Interior Stateroom

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