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Here is our vlog of the very first ever Disney Jollywood Nights at Disney's Hollywood Studios. As I was editing, I noticed a theme. I kept saying how long the lines were. This was a common theme throughout the night.

Another common theme that I saw (and heard from others) was Disney Execs allowing Influencers to cut in long lines for the rare characters so they could create content. Not a photopass photo, full blown content. It happened to us three times while we were in line for Phineas & Ferb and each Influencer took 3-4 minutes each at the very minimum. One time, a Disney handler cut off two small children who were next in line from running to the characters so their Influencer could go. It's not like Disney just allowed this to happen, they were wanting this to happen so they could get positive content out there at the detriment of the PAYING guest experience. I don't fault the Influencers either (though some could have been more respectful of the waiting guests time), they were there to do a job for Disney. This was the first time I saw firsthand that Disney Parks Management no longer care about the guest experience. They ONLY care about positive media coverage, even if the average paying guest suffers, including children.

As I stated at the end, I will be doing a full recap video with my full and honest thoughts about the events. Were there highlights? Yes, absolutely. Is it worth the money, ABSOLUTELY NOT! At least not how it is now. And another important question, is this event good for kids, and honestly that depends on your kid.

We did salvage our night and I want to give a shout out to the AMAZING cast members at Rock 'n' Rollin Coaster. Honestly, all the Cast Members were amazing. Disney Management put them all in a bad situation with planning a poor event and putting comped Influencers over paying guests.

I am hearing that if you have purchased tickets for an upcoming Jollywood Nights event that Disney is giving refunds or transferring the tickets over to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. If you have doubts, I would call Disney Guest Services sooner rather than later.

Also check out @TheRootOfAllThemeParks who I met at the beginning of the night.


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