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Our final day (day 3) we were in Nassau, Bahamas, however we never intended to get off that day. The weather was also not very good.

We started off our morning at the Royal Gathering in the Atrium. Our reservation time was at 9:45am and we waited about 20 minutes before Rider met his first princess. The princesses were Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana. Rapunzel was also meeting upstairs, but by the time we were done, her line was cut off. Now I did learn from a crew member that 2 sessions of the Royal Gathering were added, at 10:00am & 10:15am. So if you don't get a reservation, make sure to put your name on the waitlist.

After that, we got ready to hit the pool, but first went to An Encanto Celebration. Rider hadn't gone the day before and just like I thought, he absolutely loved it. This time, both Mirabel & Bruno came out at the end and every child was able to take pictures with them. Please note, ship photographers were not there at this event. However, Mirabel & Bruno did meet later on in the day and I heard a photographer was there at that time.

Rider and Ray then went to ride the AquaDunk. We got in line 5 minutes before they opened and they waited about 15 minutes. Rider wanted Ray to ride first and then chickened out when it was his turn, so Ray went back up there and they waited again and Rider went and LOVED it.

We then hit the pool and grabbed some lunch and Rider headed back to the Oceaneer Club before dinner. Another great day on the Disney Magic.

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