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Only 2 Hours in Epcot! How Much Can We Do?

We went to Orlando in February for Supercross. Our son hasn't stopped talking about Test Track since our trip in December. We decided we would try and go for a few hours before checking into our Downtown Orlando hotel. I was able to secure an 8:15pm Beaches & Cream reservation. With Epcot, closing at 8:00pm, we headed to Beach Club to see if we could park there early, which they did (it was less than 3 hours to our reservation). We finally got into the park at 5:55pm at which point it started raining and Test Track closed. We rode what we could and prepared our son that he may not be able to ride Test Track. Watch to see what we were able to ride and if Test Track ever reopened. #testtrack #epcot #festivalofthearts


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