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Today I am giving you my first impressions of the new ​⁠Natasha Denona Hy-Per Natural Face Palette. I do swatches in both studio and natural light as well as try on every eyeshadow shade as a one and done shadow. So is this palette everything that I hoped for? Watch to find out.

Where to Buy (affiliate):

Promo Code: SHANNON (save 15% off)

The HY-PER NATURAL FACE PALETTE combines the no-makeup-makeup concept with Natasha's renowned expertise, creating an everyday eye and cheek essential. Infused with hydrating, skin-loving ingredients, this talc-free HY-BRID face palette showcases 5 eyeshadows perfect for finger application, an ultra-soft BLUSH DUO and a multifunctional BRONZE & CONTOUR TRIO.

Featuring 5 eyeshadows, perfect for simple mono looks or layered for depth, the one-of-a-kind palette includes a sparkling topper and debuts a NEW HY-PER SILK eyeshadow formula with a luxuriously silky gel-powder texture. The pink-coral HY-TECH powder BLUSH DUO and multifunctional BRONZE & CONTOUR TRIO come in a NEW ultra-soft innovative formula that delivers a smooth airbrushed finish. Whether a professional or a beginner, this versatile face palette is designed to suit everyone with its easy-to-use, high-performance, hydrating formulas.

Debuting new mistake-proof formulas, this eye and cheek essential effortlessly elevates everyday no-makeup-makeup looks to casual evening glam. Named after moods and occasions, these eyeshadows ensure quick and effortless application. With a versatile BRONZE & CONTOUR TRIO for sculpting or highlighting depending on skin tone and a universal BLUSH DUO, these formulas deliver naturally flushed cheeks for a healthy glow. 

These advanced formulas are enriched with Squalane, Berryflux Vita™ derived from raspberry extract, and Vita Beautique™ sourced from pomegranate. Renowned for their deep hydration, natural elasticity enhancement and defense against environmental stressors, they promote a supple, firm, and youthful complexion.

Alicia Archer's​⁠ Video review for darker complexions:

⏰T I M E S T A M P S⏰

Introduction 0:00

Product Info 2:11

Bronzer & Blush Swatches 5:41

Bronzer & Contour Application 7:22

Blush Duo Application 10:52

Eyeshadow Swatches 12:55

Everyday Application 14:54

Statement Application 16:58

Soft Application 19:02

Casual Application 20:04

Final Thoughts 22:37


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