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NATASHA DENONA GOLDEN EYESHADOW PALETTE \ Did We Really Need This? \ Do You Already Own This?

Today I am reviewing the brand new midi eyeshadow palette from Natasha Denona, the Golden Eyeshadow Palette. I give you my first impressions, provide swatches in natural sunlight and show comparisons between this and several other palettes you may already own, such as the Alter Ego Goddess and Sigma Ambiance.

Where to Buy (affiliate): Promo Code "SHANNON"


A new and elevated 15-shade version of Natasha Denona's iconic GOLD Palette in her signature formulas, designed to create mesmerizing golden looks.

The GOLDEN EYESHADOW PALETTE combines versatile golden earthy hues and rich statement metallics in her pro-level, user-friendly formulas. The palette features 7 soft Mattes in 2 finishes - cream & pressed powder, 5 ultra-shiny Metallics, a glistening gold nude Sparkling Foiled Formula, a champagne Chroma Crystal topper with a diamond-like sparkle effect, and a NEW Sparkling Wet Effect Formula in a golden nude.

Featuring Natasha's signature buttery-smooth, vibrant and ultra-pigmented formulas. The palette's wearable cool-toned golden shades effortlessly complement all skin tones for an easy daytime glow or majestic evening glam.


Cream Powders:

Mliko 538CP - Matte Cream Powder Off White (NEW)

Pana 540CP - Matte Cream Powder Beige (NEW)


Flesh 104CM - Matte Light Warm Nude (MINI BRONZE)

Aria 197CM - Matte Medium Light Dusty Sand (GOLD)

Sand Stone 205CM - Matte Medium Ochre (GOLD)

Teak 207CM - Matte Medium Dusty Caramel (GOLD)

Log 202CM - Matte Dark Brown (GOLD)


Aura 544M - Metallic Golden Ivory (Palette 04 & 10 pan)

Aurum 208M - Metallic Muted Gold (GOLD)

Oro 201M - Metallic Warm Gold (GOLD)

Alchemist 206M - Metallic Brass (GOLD)

Varis 203M - Metallic Medium Antique Brass (GOLD)


Nubia 539SF - Sparkling Foiled Gold Nude Champagne (NEW)

Fizzy 541SW - Sparkling Wet Effect Golden Nude (NEW)

Cava 198K - Sparkling Champagne Gold (GOLD)


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