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Today, we disembark the Disney Wish and I got to meet Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel in "The Little Mermaid") in the Grand Hall. All in all, it took about 20 minutes, a little longer than what we have experience perviously, but not bad at all.

We got to Disney's Pop Century Resort at 11am. Our room was not ready (check-in is at 3pm), but I swung by the front desk and they said they could get me in a room right away, but it would not be our requested area. That was fine by me, because this mama needed a nap.

Ray and Rider went to the Bowling pool while I napped a little and then we were off to Epcot for the afternoon and evening. However, as soon as we exited the Skyliner, Rider fell asleep. Literally between the exit of the Skyline and the entrance of Epcot at International Gateway. We explored a little while he sleep and then Rider woke up and we went to ride Cosmic Rewind which was incredible. We then rode Test Track and had to break the news to Rider that the Epcot Experience is no longer. What is not shown on this video is the full blown meltdown he had after we told him. He loved that space, so as a mom, it broke my heart to see him so upset. I still feel the same way about Horizons.

We then went to Frozen Ever After and had lunch at Regal Eagle and then on to Ratatouille. When we exited that attraction, we realized a storm was coming, so we walked as fast as we could to get as far as we could. Our goal was the Land Pavillon, but we only made it to the United Kingdom Pavillon. Once the rain let up, we headed to Soarin' which took about an hour and exited and headed straight to Cosmic Rewind for our Lightning Lane. Once we exited, the skies had opened up and it was a full blown downpour. I even bought ponchos for Rider & I.

We had planned to stay for Harmonious, but it was now cancelled. We knew the Skyliner would be closed so we headed to the buses. The line for the Pop Century & Art of Animation bus was extremely long with no buses coming. So we cut our losses and ended up catching a taxi. I heard people waited 90 minutes for a bus that night.


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