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The Return of Disney on Ice | Dream Big - March 2021 | Rinkside Seats | Club Lexus @ BB&T Center

@Disney On Ice has returned! In 2020, our show was cancelled the week before due to the pandemic. So I was so excited to see that it was returning to my local area.

My husband couldn't join us, so I splurged for Club Lexus at The BB&T Center. You will see in the video that was a BIG mistake. They were extremely short staffed and we NEVER had a server come to serve us. I don't know if it will be like this for other events, but having been a big fan of Club Lexus in the past, this was a huge disappointment. (UPDATE BELOW)

Aside from that, the show "Dream Big" was fantastic. Seats are sold in pods, with the most common being pods of 2 and 4. In fact, if my husband had joined us, we would not have been able to get the fantastic, Rinkside seats we had unless we had bought 4 seats instead of 3. The best seats were sold in pods of 2 and 4. Unlike at Camping World Stadium, the seats that were not sold, were taped together, so no one could sit in them. Masks were required for anyone over 2, except when eating or drinking (such as in Club Lexus).

They do still have the photo ops and we took a picture with the Mickey & Minnie prop. You were allowed to remove your masks for the picture, which made it worthwhile for me. I purchased the Gold Package which included 2 - 6x8 photos, the deluxe frame and a digital download. It was $35 and was the only option that included the digital (what I really want). This is shown in the Entering the Arena portion.

So if you are unsure if Disney on Ice is still worth it, I can say it absolutely is!!! I do miss the audience participation, but hopefully that will return in the near future.

UPDATE on Club Lexus - I did call to complain. It turns out, I was not the only one. They were aware of the issues and explained that this was the first non-hockey event since reopening. It wasn't an excuse, but the dynamics for an event like Disney on Ice vs a hockey game are very different. They did apologize and have offered us tickets to a future hockey game which we have accepted. I believe they are working hard to figure out this new normal. It was unfortunate that we had a not so great experience, but I do believe they are addressing the concerns I had and it should improve in the future.

For the current schedule of Disney on Ice shows go to:


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