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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® is back after 6 years, this time with no animals. So is the show any good? Watch to find out.

The show runs about 2 hours and 10 minutes, with a 15 minute intermission. Our show started at 7pm and ended around 9:10pm. We didn't make it back to our car until 9:30pm.

Get ready to have the most amazing time!

The all-new Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® welcomes everyone, from kids to grown-ups, to a world of thrilling fun at The Greatest Show On Earth.

75 performers. 18+ countries represented. All showcasing awe-inspiring acts.

Including aerial, acrobatics, world dance, music, comedy, and jaw-dropping thrills

Acts Include:

Triangular Highwire - The Lopez Family

Jaws will drop when three highwires connected in an all-new triangular formation 25-feet above the arena floor descend from the ceiling in a never-before-seen, never-before-attempted take on the highwire that you’ll have to see to believe.

Criss-Cross Flying Trapeze - The Flying Caceres

For the first time in Ringling history, a thrilling display on Criss-Cross Trapeze by the legendary Flying Caceres Troupe will astound with two acts in one!

Stunt Bikes

A compilation of four BMX riders, one Trial Bike, and an extreme unicycle will wheel across the show floor introducing an innovative and exciting riff on traditional bike riding. During the street-culture-inspired act, the show floor will be transformed into the ultimate skate park with ramps, rails, staircases, and a “Trampoline Box Jump Apparatus” will be revealed to send performers flying in the air.

Tallest Unicycle - Wesley Williams

Wheeling at record-breaking heights will be Wesley Williams, The One Wheel Wonder, who gives multiple unique unicycles a spin around the show floor, the tallest setting a record at over 34-feet.

Double Wheel of Destiny - The Navas Troupe

Two side-by-side wheels that rotate independently at epic speeds will hang at 30-feet above the ground kickstarting an adrenaline-inducing act. Powered by four acrobats, the performance will heat up with never-before-seen stunts as they jump between both apparatuses.

Human Rocket - Skyler Miser

The arena will celebrate and have a blast as human cannonball royalty Skyler Miser steps on the show floor. Or, maybe it’s Skyler that’s having a blast – quite literally. Following in the footsteps of her parents, she’ll load into a rocket – designed specifically for Ringling – and soar through the sky as a human rocket for the first-time launching to an incredible, inconceivable distance at 65 mph.


Meet Equivokee. As fun to watch as it is to say out loud – go ahead, try it – this comedic trio from Ukraine introduces a unique blend of physical comedy and a modern take on circus classics like dance, juggling, mime, and more to their performance.

Teeterboards - Troupe Brothers / Tic Tac Trio

Imagine the ultimate playground, where see-saws flip and send you floating high into the sky. That’s exactly what will happen when the Troupe Brothers from Mongolia hit the show floor! Audiences will be astounded by the creativity and jaw-dropping originality of this teeterboard act.

Acrobatics & Aerials

Black Diamond Trio / Duo Dust in the Wind / Gemini Twins / YAB Brothers

Hand-to-hand acts performed by Mattia & Giulia and Julio & Maite will combine with acro-sport trio, Black Diamond, for a stunning display of human strength and balance.

Live Musical Performances

Argendance / Aria / Stix

Leading the audience with bombastic beats are Stix and Aria, two of the versatile and talented show guides.

Bailey Circuit™

Introducing, Bailey, a robotic quadruped and the audience’s soon-to-be new (and adorable) best friend. A true part of the cast, Bailey will be spotted around the arena floor getting into mischief and having fun with Nick Nack before joining the full cast in dynamic choreography!

Merchandise Offered during the show:


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