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Rider and I have been skating since 2021 and this year, he wanted to have an ice skating birthday party. He also wanted it to be a YouTube Themed Birthday Party.

The party was wonderful and we had a total of 18 kids. The price was $295 for the first 10 kids and then $22 for each additional child. Many have asked if we paid for the parents to skate and the answer is no. We did make our guests aware of a Groupon the ice rink was running and many purchased that before arriving. We also allowed siblings to come and ordered extra pizza and for them, but again, did not pay for them to skate. As much as I would have loved to pay for parents and siblings to skate, the party would have ended up costing us well over $2,000 if we had.

We did hire an instructor for 30 minutes to give a quick lesson for our guests. In hindsight, next time I would hire 2. I just wasn't sure how many kids would participate. Also, we rented 4 "seals" for the party. Again, next time, I would have rented more, as the kids were almost fighting over them. Another idea, would be to offer parents the opportunity to rent one specifically for their child, so they wouldn't feel the need to share.

Also, another thing I would do differently, is bring mini water bottles for everyone. Water, soda and juice was included in the package, however, we were constantly out of drinks and our hostess was hard to find. When she would bring a pitcher of water, it would be gone within a minute. Having water bottles there would have just made things easier.

All in all, it was a great party and I highly recommend having a birthday party at Pines Ice Arena.

We also booked a professional photographer at the last minute through Again, I highly recommend doing this.

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Items for the party:

Custom YouTube cutout frame:

YouTube Birthday Banner:

Custom YouTube Channel desk nametag:


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