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Recapping Our Night at Disney Jollywood Nights \ What Went Wrong? \ Any Positives?

As promised, here is my full recap on Disney Jollywood Nights. It is long...sorry. I never intended for it to be this long, but I wanted to explain in detail what happened throughout the night. And it does turn into a bit of a rant at some point.

If you are looking for information on a particular topic, feel free to use the timestamps below to skip to a section.

Adult Christmas Outfits*:

Introduction 0:00

Thank you for watching my Hollywood Nights Vlog 0:50

Introducing Myself 1:30

What we wore 3:12

What we paid for the event 4:50

Why we went to the first Jollywood Nights 5:12

My Recap of the Night 7:23

Time of the Event 7:24

Line to get inside 7:55

Wristbands & Lanyards 8:52

Riding Attractions before Official Start 11:12

Official Start of the Event 12:37

Issues with the map 12:57

Event offerings not up at start of the party 13:32

Character Lines in Animation Courtyard 14:50

Magic Shot in the Disney Junior Play & Dance 16:30

Boomerang Magic Shot 19:02

DJ in Animation Courtyard 20:15

What’s This Singalong 22:45

Tip Top Club 26:04

Disney Holidays in Hollywood 30:53

Lines, Lines EVERYWHERE 36:03

Not Staffed Properly 37:37

Getting in line for Phineas & Fern 37:57

Influencers Cutting the Character Lines 40:06


Shutting down character lines because of rain 47:14

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam 55:09

Parking for Jollywood Nights 57:12

Skyliner closed at 9:30pm 58:33

Pros of Jollywood Nights 1:01:30

All Attractions were walk-ons 1:02:30

Jollywood Nights Special Magic Shots 1:04:35

What’s This Singalong 1:05:31

Disney Holidays in Hollywood 1:06:19

Jollywood Nights Coasters Giveaway1:07:32

Cons of Jollywood Nights 1:08:01

The Hours of the Event 1:08:13

Magic Shots not up until 9:15pm 1:09:50

No clear map of special photos 1:11:28

Jollywood Nights is not for kids 1:12:32

Media Night 1:14:07

Felt very crowded and no flow to the event 1:16:35

Problems with Character Meet n Greets 1:17:59

Brown Derby Lounge Queue Issues 1:20:34

Lines for food and drinks 1:21:18

Drinks not as advertised 1:21:30

Check-in Process 1:22:05

Lack of Jollywood Nights Merchandise 1:24:21

No Skyliner after Jollywood Nights 1:25:06

Do I Recommend Jollywood Nights? 1:25:47

Final Thoughts 1:29:38


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