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The last night of our dinner rotation was at Animator's Palate. Unfortunately, as with the previous 2 days, our servers were extremely slow. Rider really wanted to get a picture with Captain Mickey who was coming out at 7:30pm. We told our servers when we sat down that we needed to by out by 7:15pm. At 7:15pm, we still hadn't been given our dessert menus and most of the restaurant was gone. We really wanted dessert this night, but chose to skip it in order to make Captain Mickey. We gave them the benefit of the doubt the previous 2 nights, but this night was just bad. I also asked for butter twice and it was never brought out. Sadly, the service was just not good this sailing. More on that in the recap.

Fortunately, we were able to meet Captain Mickey AND Captain Minnie and Rider was thrilled. Ray and I watched some of the show Disney Dreams, which was very good. My nephew was starting to fall asleep though, so we left with them.

We then went to the pub and grabbed a drink during their Happy Hour which was from 9pm - 10pm. This may be been the worst drink I have ever tasted. We left it and went to the Soul Cat Lounge and had a Jazz 75 which was AMAZING! Carlos is an amazing bartender and we really loved this redone space. Probably the most underrated space on the Disney Magic.

We also got our luggage out in record time (by 8:30pm). This was a first for us and it really helped that we didn't overpack. I did grab Rider out for the Atrium show "'Til We Meet Again". He stayed for the beginning and then for 15 minutes they allow guests to meet with characters and performers one last time. There are no photographers out at this time. I was able to get his picture with Rapunzel and the Ruffians before we took him back to the kids club and I came back and watched the end of the show, which I just loved. Such a great way to end the cruise.

As always, Rider closed the Disney Oceaneer Club down and left just before midnight. The staff there was just amazing as it always is. Despite the poor weather and not great service at dinner, we still had an amazing time. I really love the Disney Magic and the Halloween on the High Seas sailings.


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