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Join us as we embark on the Oasis of the Seas out of the Port of Miami in Miami, Florida for a 7-night Eastern Caribbean Cruise. In today's vlog, we are in St. Thomas, USVI.

Our plan was to head off the ship and go on the Skyride to Paradise Point. The last time we were here, the Skyride was across the street from the port. Well, Royal Caribbean ships now go to a different pier, so it cost us $60 round trip by cab to get there. Oops. Total lack of planning on my part.

When we did get to the Skyride, we noticed it wasn't moving. We didn't think much of it and Rider wanted to go to The Pirate Museum, so we started there first (he loved it). After, we headed to the loading area for the Skyride, only to discover it was down. We ended up having to wait 30 minutes for it to come back up. It was down for 75 minutes total. We heard later that many people had to WALK down, because they were told they were not sure it would come back up, and missed most of their day in port. We got fairly lucky. When we finally got up there, we just looked around a few minutes, took some pictures and headed back down. We were just not going to risk it going back down again. I do recommend doing the Skyride at least once. However, I would now recommend doing it through an excursion through your cruiseline or going first thing just in case it goes down.

We got back on the ship and had lunch at the Windjammer around 1:30pm. Rider had been wanting the do the Zoltar fortune teller, but we needed a dollar. It takes a dollar to activate, but then spits it out. Unfortunately, we learned later that some kids used $1 to pretty much empty out the machine of EVERY fortune teller card it had. We saw them in the cruise with stacks of the card each and they told Rider how they did it. One was gracious enough to give him one. However, I will say, Royal Caribbean needs to fix this. Sadly, people take advantage of things like this.

Now our all aboard time was 2:30pm and there was a couple who missed the ship. More on that in the next video.

Skyride to Paradise Point -

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