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In today’s video, I will be reviewing several products from ​⁠ including the new Dragon Eye Eyeshadow Palette. I also review the two Serengeti Highlighter Duos and their new mascara. Once again, I am blown away by this brand. This video is NOT sponsored, however, I was gifted all of these products.

What's Up Beauty (affiliate):

Whats Up Beauty - Dragon Eye Eyeshadow Palette

Made in Italy

Descend into the dragon’s lair and prepare your eyes for a magical experience of fierce greens and ancient purples which await beneath! Bring out your beast within using sparkly multichromes and creamy mattes to transform your eyes into the fire you have inside.

Palette includes 12 colors:

- Fly: light green to blue iridescent multichrome foil

- Breath: light peach creamy matte

- Fire: gold to green multichrome foil with pink base

- Spikes: mauve creamy matte

- Magic: teal to purple multichrome foil with purple base

- Powerful: dusty purple creamy matte

- Creature: light brown creamy matte with pink undertone

- Fierce: gold foil with green base

- Scale: green to blue to purple multichrome foil

- Myth: pink to gold to green multichrome foil

- Smoke: dark brown creamy matte with purple undertone

- Monster: purple to green duochrome foil

Whats Up Beauty - Serengeti Highlighter Duos (Wild Acacia & Safari Sunset)

Made in China

- Wild Acacia Highlighter (Wild - champagne pearl, Acacia - iridescent light gold with sheer pink base)

- Safari Sunset Highlighter (Safari - light copper, Sunset - iridescent gold with sheer pink base)

The Serengeti Highlighter whisks you away to the grasslands of East Africa and leaves your skin with a glowy natural silk finish. Formulated with no talc using a delicate mix of clean, non-toxic and moisturizing ingredients. Soft to the touch and made from superfine natural and synthetic micas, our product has a weightless feel, not cakey or powdery, buildable and increases its intensity with each layer. The final finish on your skin is a radiant soft-focus glow.

Designed for versatility, each pan comes with two unique colors, both a cool and a warm tone, which can be combined for a third color which offers flexibility while only having a single product. Additionally, we formulated with squalene and glycerin, two ingredients which moisturize and maintain hydration while making skin soft and smooth.

To complete the theme, the powder is embossed into an intricately designed Serengeti grassland scene featuring a stunning cheetah relaxing in the grass surrounded by giraffes and acacia trees being embraced by the setting sun.

Whats Up Beauty - Watch Me! Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara

Made in Italy

Add volume, length, curl and definition to your lashes with our Watch Me! Mascara, your eyes will come to life and radiate confidence! Our specially crafted clean formula was made without the known toxic and carcinogenic ingredients like Carbon Black, and designed to hold curl all day with no flaking.

The hybrid brush comes with both twisted wire bristles to load mascara and add volume and a silicone comb to define, add length and curl lashes. Our buildable Italian made formula also comes loaded with active ingredients Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 and Panthenol (Vitamin B5), two lash conditioners to add nourishment, help promote hair growth and to create longer, fuller and stronger lashes.


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