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Monster Energy AMA Supercross Orlando 2021 | Race Day Live Interview, Fan Fest and the Main Event

Since 2012, my husband and I have traveled across the country to attend various Monster Energy AMA Supercross races. We have attended Daytona Beach, Arlington (Dallas), Atlanta and Anaheim. This year, due to the pandemic, two races took place in Orlando, about 3 hours from our home. We purchased tickets for the second race as soon as they went on sale. This would also be my son's first race.

Fast forward to a week before the race and I was named Mrs. Universe 2021. As we were driving up to Orlando the day before, I was contacted by Supercross PR to ask if I would be interviewed on Race Day Live. Um, YES!!!!

The whole day was incredible. We did have a slight snafu when security at Camping World Stadium wouldn't let us into the stadium and literally sent us walking around the entire stadium TWICE trying to find the meeting place. The head of security finally came down and picked us up at the gate where we started after we got a nice walking tour of Downtown Orlando. At least it was a nice day.

We got to meet Ricky Carmichael, who gave my son an autographed toy. I was interviewed on "Race Day Live" by Daniel Blair and Dan Hubbard and again before the opening ceremonies. My son even made it to the telecast in a promotion for the new Die Cast Supercross toys (we he loves BTW). We also had the opportunity to support the St. Jude "We Won't Stop" Campaign. Fan Fest is definitely different, but still worth it to attend if you are attending a Supercross race. The races were fantastic, even if my favorite, Ken Roczen, didn't win.

Due to restrictions at the stadium, all footage was filmed on my iPhone, so audio isn't the best. I filmed what I could to hopefully give you all an idea of what it is like to attend a race right now. I still recommend going. We had an amazing time and it was wonderful to see some racing in person.

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