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Day 3 on ICON OF THE SEAS - CONQUERING CROWN'S EDGE / The Wizard of Oz & Hiding Cruise Ducks

Join us as we embark on Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas out of the Port of Miami for a 7-night Eastern Caribbean Cruise. This was for Spring Break 2024 and we left on March 23, 2024.

This vlog covers our second sea day on the cruise which was Day 3. I started off my day by hitting the gym and Rider went to Adventure Ocean. Then at noon, we headed to Crown's Edge, a fear-inducing challenge that’s part skywalk, part ropes course, part thrill ride and an all-out test of your courage. We booked this pre-cruise at $67/pp which was the cheapest price it went to on our sailing.

Now the minimum height is 49.2" and minimum weight is 44 lbs, however this is really not accurate. We saw several kids who met these requirements, but were turned away because the harness didn't fit properly. Basically, if your child is slender, they may have an issue. Rider is 51" and 70 lbs and he JUST made it.

I also do not recommend going on a sea day if you have small kids. It was extremely windy our day and both Ray and I had to push against the wind to get out there. Rider was unable to complete it (he also got scared).

After that, we had lunch and Rider wanted to go back to Adventure Ocean and Ray went to the gym, so I decided to go to the only 3pm show of "The Wizard of Oz". This is actually a great time to see the show as there were plenty of seats available.

After that, we decided to hide a few of our cruising ducks before we got ready for dinner.


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