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NEW! NATASHA DENONA XENON EYESHADOW PALETTE | Did We Need This? \ An Honest Review w/ Swatches

Today I am giving my first impressions of the brand new Natasha Denona Xenon Eyeshadow Palette.

I now have a promo code with Natasha Denona and it is simply "SHANNON" and will save you 15% off any order.

Where to Buy (affiliate):

Natasha Denona:

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From her website:

The long-awaited Midi-sized XENON EYESHADOW PALETTE is a sultry, cool-toned 15-shade extension to the bestselling MINI XENON color story, showcasing a hypnotizing assortment of multi-dimensional blacks, vivid grays and icy pinks in Natasha’s iconic formulas as well as her NEW, innovative Sparkling Foiled and Sparkling Wet Effect finishes. This edgy glam essential offers a contrasted versatility of looks from subtle everyday to the ultimate smokey eyes.

Limited edition.

The XENON Palette showcases a scale of light-to-deep grays, different finishes of black, multi-reflective whites and a touch of cool-toned nudes. This festive season’s must-have features 6 high-shine Metallics, 4 signature buttery-soft Mattes, 1 Cream Powder formula, and 3 dazzling Sparkling Foiled finishes, complemented by the NEW Sparkling Wet Effect formula.

Shade Descriptions:

Rime 514M - Metallic White

Cygnus 515SF - Sparkling Foiled Anthracite

Stellar 516SW - Sparkling Wet Effect White

Blizzard 517CM - Matte Light Grey

Greu 518SM - Sparkling Metallic Iron Grey

Ebb 519M - Metallic Midnight Blue

Superionic 520SF - Sparkling Foiled Silver with multicolored specks

Sposh 521CP - Matte Cream Powder Charcoal

Snowbow 522KS - Crystal Sparkling Pink with Multicolored Specks

Night sky 523M - Metallic Black

Contrail 524CM - Matte White

Snirt 525CM - Matte Medium Grey

Névé 526SM - Sparkling Metallic Peony Pink

Flurry 527CM - Matte Egg Shell

Skift 528SF - Sparkling Foiled Light Medium Champagne

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