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Today, I give my first impressions of the brand new Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Glow Glide Architect Highlighter that was just released. I purchased the 3 lightest shades of Moonlit Glow, Champagne Glow and Pillow Talk Glow. I do side by side comparisons as well as comparisons to other highlighters I have in my collection from PAT McGRATH, Sigma Beauty, Becca, Hourglass & Nars.

I also review the two items I purchased from the Limited Edition Lunar New Year Collection including the new exclusive lipstick shade, Blossom Red, in Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution formula.

Promo Code: "shannonfFA012" Save 15% off your first order

  • Moonlit Glow is an INCANDESCENT ivory powder highlighter inspired by the magic of MOONLIGHT! Moonlit Glow is suited for fair to medium skin tones

  • Champagne Glow is a sparkling champagne powder highlighter inspired by ILLUMINATING RED-CARPET LIGHTS! Champagne Glow is is suited for fair to medium skin tones.

  • Pillow Talk Glow is a neutral PEARLY-PINK powder highlighter inspired by my AWARD-WINNING Pillow Talk collection and the flattering PINK LIGHT of a PINK QUARTZ CRYSTAL! Pillow Talk is EVERYONE'S PERFECT SHADE! Pillow Talk Glow looks FLAWLESS on ALL skin tones

  • Gilded Glow is a true gold powder highlighter inspired by CANDLELIGHT! Gilded Glow is is suited for medium to deep skin tones!

  • Sunset Glow is a warm golden-copper powder highlighter to mimic a GOLDEN HOUR GLOW! Sunset Glow is is suited for medium to deep skin tones.

  • Rose Gold Glow is a true rose gold powder highlighter and is SUNRISE, bottled! Rose Gold Glow is suited for tan to deep skin tones.

  • Bronze Glow is a golden-bronze powder highlighter inspired by the glow of the NIGHT SKY! Bronze Glow is suited for deep skin tones.

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