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Today I am trying the new caliray hideaway brightening + hydrating under eye color corrector concealer, a clean, hybrid color corrector + concealer + illuminator that conceals dark circles and redness for a lifted effect without creasing. They state it provides lightweight hydration with peptides + 3 hyaluronic acids. instantly look brighter and more awake all-day long.

I have 2 shades, warm sunglow and cool sunrise and I do a side by side comparison as well as some swatch comparisons. This is an extremely lightweight serum color corrector/concealer and I tell you if I think it is any good and who I would recommend this for.

Where to buy:

8 Shades:

  • dawn (fair/light with pink undertone / cool)

  • pale sun (fair/light with golden undertone / warm)

  • golden hour (light/medium with golden undertone / warm)

  • warm sunglow (light/medium with peach undertone / neutral)

  • cool sunrise (light/medium with pink undertone / cool)

  • glowy rays (medium/tan with golden undertone / warm)

  • daybreak (tan/deep with pink undertone / cool)

  • sunset (tan/deep with peach undertone / neutral)

Suggested Usage:

-Use the flexible mini paddle for ideal product placement.

-Apply three dots from the inner corner to the middle of the under-eye to neutralize dark circles or redness.

- For a lifted effect, apply two dots to the outer under eye using the same shade or one of the lifting shades.

-Blend into skin with a concealer brush using a stippling motion or tap in with fingers.

-There's no need to set the product because the formula is long-lasting and creaseless.

-For a lifted effect, use the shade Dawn, Cool Sunrise, Glowy Rays, or Daybreak on the outer under-eye.

Color Correcting Guide:

-Determine your undertone: Are you cool/pink, neutral/peach, or warm/golden?

-Cool/pink undertones choose from: Dawn, Cool Sunrise, or Daybreak.

-Neutral/peach undertones choose from: Warm Sunglow or Sunset.

-Golden/warm undertones choose from: Pale Sun, Golden Hour, or Glowy Rays.

Cool Sunrise vs. Warm Sunglow

⏰T I M E S T A M P S⏰

Introduction 0:00

Product Info 1:09

Comparison Swatches 5:58

Warm Sunglow Application 10:06

Cool Sunrise Application 11:00

Final Thoughts 11:59


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