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We are back at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World for 2023. We attended on Friday, September 1st.

The party was great. Due to the rain, our plans changed quite a bit and we ended up just going with the flow. This worked out great, as we got a lot done.

We started our night by RUNNING to Tron for our 4:45pm - 5:45pm Individual Lighting Lane that we purchased. Because we were late getting to the park, we almost missed it. However, this ended up being an amazing time to go because we literally walked on and had the train almost completely to ourselves.

We then got in line for Space Mountain as the line was short and we didn't think the party overlay would be on yet. However, around 6:30pm, they shut down the ride for about 5 minutes and did the overlay which was awesome.

We then went back to the front to get our treat bags and check on the line for Jack & Sally. It was 185 when we walked in around 5:30pm. At 7:00pm, it was down to 120. We decided to wait though which ended up being the right decision. I went to City Hall to get my first batch of Gluten Free treats. They were a little stingy this year, so we went back several times over the course of the night. Allergy stations are at City Hall and Liberty Square.

We then rode, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Haunted Mansion. I thought there were live actors at two of these attractions, but they weren't out. We still enjoyed them though. Ray also got his Skull Brownie and then we headed back to Tron for our party boarding group. We were 174 and were called at 7:51pm.

We then headed back to Main Street to see Jack & Sally. The app said the wait was 90 minutes and with the first parade about to start, we figured this would be the best time to go. The wait ended up being about 45. This is always a highlight for Rider.

The wait for Mickey Mouse was only 10 minutes, so Rider and I went while Ray went to the bathroom and we got out at 10:10pm JUST in time to watch the fireworks. We walked up Main Street until we found a spot where we could see Jack Skellington enough. I do think the fireworks crowds were a little lighter because of the rain.

We did decide to skip the second parade. Rider wanted to see the Seven Dwarfs and we also wanted to see his former Kindergarten Teacher's daughter who is currently in the Disney College Program and was working by Gaston's Tavern (an awesome treat spot BTW).

We got to Storybook Circus at 10:50pm and the wait was 15 minutes. They close at 11pm, so this worked out perfectly. We also found the ​⁠ Treat Station. We went through 3xs ;). It looks like this one shut down at 11:15pm.

We then rode Space Mountain one more time and then rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as the last ride of the night just before midnight. And we walked immediately to watch the last Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular castle show which starts at midnight. This is my favorite show because 1. there are a lot less people & 2. You don't waste valuable party time because the party is technically over.

All in all, it was an amazing (& exhausting) party night. We got soooo much done, especially for arriving late. The important lesson we learned is to be flexible and also know you cannot possibly do everything. The parade wasn't a priority for my son and I really only wanted to see the Headless Horseman. I assumed he would not be out though due to the rain and I was right.

I highly recommend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.


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