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A Day at Zoo Miami During a Pandemic

Some friends and I decided to take our kids to @Zoo Miami during MLK weekend. The weather in South Florida was perfect for a day at the zoo and our kids missed each other terribly. Here is a short video of our visit. This was a very busy day at Zoo Miami because of the holiday and the beautiful weather. But social distancing was still fairly easy to do. If you want to rent a Safari Cycle, I highly recommend doing it online beforehand as they were sold out when we got there. Also, if feeding the animals is a must, you may want to go during a weekday. The lines for the giraffe and rhino feedings were extremely long. We got very lucky with the Camel feeding as it started when we walked into the Critter Connection and were third in line. All in all, it was a fabulous day and it was great to see my friends and have our kids playing again. We are also now annual passholders, so we will be visiting again soon. #zoomiami


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