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Today was our second day at Universal Orlando Resort and our only full day. We decided to get a late start because we were physically exhausted. Looking back on it, we probably should have skipped the parks on Saturday to rest and then gotten a fresh start on Sunday, but you live and learn.

We started at Minions Land. Villians Con was fun, but disappointing. We couldn't get the app to connect, so there is no way to know your score. Wasn't impressed and we will likely skip it in the future.

We rode The Mummy again and then headed to Diagon Alley to do some spells, ride Ginggott's and then we took the train to Islands of Adventure. Our wait was about 30 minutes WITH the Express Pass.

On the train, we ordered our food for Thunder Falls Terrace in the Jurassic Park area. We arrived at 4:55pm and they close at 5pm. I really enjoy the food here.

Then we headed back over to Hogsmeade to ride Hagrids AGAIN and then we went to the Velocicoaster. Rider is too short, so Ray waited in line first. Instead of doing Rider Switch, Rider and I waited in the Discovery Center next to the ride entrance. There were a bunch of kids playing here and he had a blast. Ray and I each rode Velocicoaster and Rider played the entire time in this area.

We then caught the last Raptor Encounter which was at 8:20pm and then headed back to Hagrids to ride at night (which is awesome). After that, we went to Spider-Man and Ray rode Hulk, while Rider and I did the flyers. We closed the park down at 10pm.

After the park, I needed a drink, so I got a Margarita at Margaritaville (RIP Jimmy Buffet) and then waited for the boat back to our resort. We returned to the resort a little after 11pm.

While the parks were extremely busy, we had an amazing time.

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