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Join us as we embark on the @RoyalCaribbean Oasis of the Seas out of the Port of Miami in Miami, Florida for a 7-night Eastern Caribbean Cruise.

In today's vlog, it is Night 5 of our sailing and the menu is "A Taste of Mexico". Ray and I both really enjoyed dinner his night. My Tortilla Soup was so good, that I ordered a second one. Everything we ordered was delicious.

The week was starting to catch up with us, so we decided to call it an early night. I actually felt a cold coming on, so I wanted to get a good night's sleep to fight it off (which helped a lot). I did learn later that 2 people were left in St. Thomas. The All Aboard time was 2:30pm and they arrived at 3:04pm. There were A LOT of people late that day. Numerous videos were posted in our sailing Facebook group of people WALKING to the ship at 2:45pm - 2:55pm. And I emphasize the word walking, because in the videos I saw, none of the guests showed any urgency to get to the ship despite being late. However, I guess the ship can only wait so long and 2 people were finally left. As I stated, the video started recording at 3:04pm and you can see that the ship had already started to pull away. Thank you to Amy Shannon Hurst who allowed me to share her video. I do not know what happened to this couple. My heart goes out to them, as that must have been awful. However, it is a lesson for all of us that a ship WILL leave passengers behind. Tomorrow is our last sea day.

Introduction 0:00

A Taste of Mexico Dinner 0:07

Royal Promenade 2:16

Ship Leaving Passengers in St. Thomas 3:39

Wrap-up 7:34

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