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MAKEUP DECLUTTER 2024! \ Episode 9: Lip Stains & Lip Oils!

My 2024 makeup collection declutter continues today with my lip stains and lip oils, complete with swatches and speed reviews.

Introduction 0:00

Perfect Diary Floating Light Lip Gloss 1:13

Kaja LOVE SWIPE Lightweight Cushiony Lip Mousse 2:29

Kaja Jelly Charm - Lip & Blush Glazed Keychain Stain 3:19

ColourPop Tinkerbell Glossy Lip Stains 4:32

L'Oréal Brilliant Signature Shiny Lip Stain 5:30

Rare Beauty Lip Oil 6:18

Tally of Lip Stains 7:13

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir 7:57

NYX Fat Oil 9:54

Kosas Wet Lip Oil 10:46

Sigma Beauty Lip Oil

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil 12:41

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil Shimmer 14:02

LYS Beauty Speak Love Glossy Lip Treatment Oil 16:16

Sephora Clean Glossy Lip Oil 17:33

Ciate London Mango & Lime Burse Lip Oil 18:03

Ulta Beauty Juice Infused Lip Oil 18:29

r.e.m. Beauty Lip Oil 19:05

Revolution Pro Goddess Glow Lip Ol 19:39

Naked Sundays Lip Oil 19:59

Merit Beauty Lip Oil 20:38

City Beauty Night Lip Oil 21:19

Final Tally 22:23

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